Online Notepad

Online Notepad is used to write and save your notes quickly without login or signup. Just write your text and save it on your device.

About Online Notepad

Online Notepad is a text editor that makes it easier for anyone to write and save notes quickly. Usually, people use the inbuilt desktop applications of Windows or Mac. But it requires a PC or laptop to access it. What if we don't have a PC or laptop? In this case, you can use our online notepad to write and save your notes. Also, you can access it on any handy device through any web browser. You don't need to log in or register to use our platform. And of course, it's completely free to use. No need to pay a subscription charge to get access. Just open, write, and save it.

Online Notepad - Write and Save your Notes

The functions associated with our tool is amazing and very useful. Also, we are more focused on building the best user-friendly interface. Therefore, we made this web application very simple to use and operate. Any new user can easily go through it.

Furthermore, data security is very important to us. Therefore, we assure you that, we don't store any type of written data on our server. Your notes will be stored on your local browser. So, you can come back and edit it anytime until you don't clear the browser cookies or history.

Useful Features of the Online Notepad

  1. New, Save, Open: Here you can create a new text file. Also, you can save the written file on your PC or mobile. In addition, you can open the existing text file and edit it here.
  2. Undo & Redo: These two options will help you to step forward or backward the written text.
  3. Cut, Copy, and Paste: It's a very common thing for any text editor. You can easily cut, copy, or paste texts within our tool.
  4. Select All: You can use this option for selecting all the text written in a text area.
  5. Save: You can save your notes in MS Word and Text format. Just press the "Save" button and it will ask for the file name. So, you can give the file name with an extension(i.e. Filename.txt or Abc.doc) to save it.
  6. Print: You can directly print your notes through our tool. No need to save the file to print. Just press the "Print" button and print your note.
  7. Character Counter: It's a very helpful feature for a script or content writers. Our tool will count and shows the number of characters, words, and lines present in the written text. So, you can check how many characters and words you have written. Furthermore, it is very useful when you write a Facebook or Twitter post. Because it allows limited letters to submit a post.

Why Use the Online Notepad?

  • Firstly, it will not use any resources from your computer. So, it saves your device memory.
  • It works on any device like PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.
  • It's compatible with almost all web browsers. Such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, etc. But some functions of this tool will not work if the javascript is disabled on your web browser. So, make sure that it's enabled.
  • Also, it's mobile and iPad responsive. So, you can use it on your handy devices anytime and anywhere.
  • You can create unlimited notes. There is no limit to creating notes.
  • No need to use any browser extensions.
  • You can create quick notes, To-Do lists, and christmas list. Also, you can use it as daily diary to write each day's events. Just open the Notepad on your handy smartphone and write on it.


No, it's completely free for all.

You can simply click on the "New" tab at the top of the web page to create a new text file.

Note: Previous data will be removed when you create a new file.

No, you can not share it through URL. Because we don't store notes on our server.

You can save the file to your local computer and then you can share it with anyone.

Only the .txt file format is supported to open files.

Our tool supports .txt and .doc file formats to save the notes.