Notepad Online

Notepad Online allows you to write your notes. It's free and easy to use web application. No login or signup required to use this app.

Welcome to Notepad Online

Notepad Online - Write Notes

Notepad is an online text editor application. It makes it easier for anyone to write and save notes quickly. Usually, we use the default application of Windows or Mac. But sometimes it's better to use Online Notepad. Because you can access it on any device through any browser. Also, you don't need to log in or sign up to write notes. Just open it and start writing.

What makes it Best?

The functions associated with our tool is amazing. We are more focused on building the best user interface to provide a user-friendly experience. Therefore, we made it very simple to use and operate.

Data security is very important to us. So, we don't store any type of written data on our server. It's 100% secure to use.

Features of Notepad Online

  1. Best Typing Experience: The User Interface of the application allows you to type smoothly. So, you can type without any difficulties.
  2. New, Save, Open File: Here you can create a new text file. Also, you can save the written file on your PC or mobile. In addition, you can open the existing text file and edit it here. All these things happen on your web browser.
  3. Print Easily: Users can directly print their notes through the application. No need to save the file and then print. Just click on the "Print" button. Connect your Printer and start printing.
  4. Undo & Redo: Similar to the windows or mac Notepad, here also you can "Undo" or "Redo" the written text. Undo to go to one step backward. Whereas Redo for going one step forward.
  5. Cut, Copy, and Paste: How can we forget these three things in any text editor? Cut, Copy, and Paste are very important things. Therefore, we have not compromised them. You can easily cut, copy, or paste anything within the tool.
  6. Character Counter: It is the best and very helpful feature for a script or content writers. Our tool will count and shows you the number of characters and lines at the bottom line. So, you can live track how many characters are written on-page. In addition, it is very useful when you write to Facebook or Twitter post. Because it allows limited letters to submit a post.


There are a lot of advantages of this Online Notepad.

  • Firstly, it will not use the resources of your computer. In this situation, your memory is conserved.
  • We made it mobile and iPad responsive. So, you can use it whenever and wherever you want.
  • No need to open a PC to create quick notes. Just open the Notepad tool on your handy smartphone and write on it.
  • It's totally free to write and save notes.

What are you waiting for? Start typing your notes! Also, share it with your friends.