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Notepad Online

Notepad is the online text editor application. It makes easier for anyone to write and save notes quickly. It usually come together with Windows or Mac operating systems. But sometimes we need to use Online Notepad. There are many options available on the Internet but our one is the best in Internet world.

Notepad Online - Write Notes

What makes it the Best Online Notepad on Internet?

The functions associated with or tool is amazing. We are more focussed on building the best user interface to provide a user-friendly experience. So, we made it very simple to use and operate. Furthermore, it supports a lot more features than the native application present in your Windows or Mac PC. In addition, it has some extra features which are not in the ordinary notepads. That's why it is recommended among all other web-based resources. Read further to know about its features.

Features of Notepad Online

  1. Best Typing Experience: The User Interface of the application allows you to type smoothly. So, you can type without any difficulties. As well as paper sheet type view further makes the experience more wonderful. On the other hand, it helps differentiate two lines. Even more, you have the option to hide/show the text lines. For that go to the "View" tab and click on "Text Lines". To bring the lines back just click on it again.
  2. New, Save, Open File: Here you can create a new text file. Also, you can save the written file on your PC or mobile. There is also an option to open the existing text file for editing. In addition, all these things happen on your web browser.
  3. Print Easily: Directly print your notes through this application. No need to save the file and then print. Just click on the "Print" button present under "File" tab. Connect your Printer and start printing.
  4. Mistake? No problem: Similar to the ordinary Notepad applications here also you can "Undo" or "Redo" the written text. Undo to go to one step backward. Whereas Redo for going one step forward.
  5. Cut, Copy and Paste: How can we forget these three things in an editor tool? Cut, Copy and Paste are very important features. Therefore, we have not compromised them. You can easily cut, copy, or paste anything. Even more, there is an option to delete the selected text. Just go to the "Edit" tab and click on "Delete". Also, you will find an option that selects all the text in your notepad.
  6. Zoom in and Zoom out: You can use this feature to change zoom levels for better vision. Select the best font size according to your device. Click on the "Zoom In" button to increase the text size. Similarly, click on the "Zoom Out" button to decrease the text size.
  7. Characters and Line Counting: It is the best and very helpful feature for content writers. Our tool will count and shows you the number of characters and lines at the bottom of the application. So, you can live track how many characters are written on page. In addition, it is very useful when you write facebook or twitter post. Because it allows limited characters to submit a post.


There are a lot of reasons that will shift you from the ordinary Notepad application towards the Online Notepad. Firstly, it will not use the resources of your computer. In this situation, your memory is conserved. Most importantly, convenience is the key factor here. You can use it whenever and wherever you want. Even more, we made it mobile and iPad responsive. So, you don't have to open your PC for creating some text files. Just open the Notepad tool on your handy devices and start using it. That's it.

What are you waiting for? Start typing your notes! Also, share it with your friends.

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